6330 S Pecos Rd Ste 106, Las Vegas NV 89120

The new way to sell your antiques, collectibles, vintage items and cool home decor!

Tired of having to manage a booth yourself?
No more worrying about keeping your space full enough to pay your rent,  merchandised and promoted.
We are bringing a whole new experience to our dealers as well! 

Let us do all the work!
You simply can drop off or mail in the items you want sold.
We take care of the rest!  

We  are providing you with easy to use online software  to price your items and print your tags.
Your items will also be available to a worldwide market using eBay.

Not techy?  Don’t want to worry about eBay listing?
No worries!
  We will be doing all the hard stuff and managing the fulfillment to the eBay customer as well as handling all the customer service.

Tired of renting antique mall space only to sell just enough to pay your rent?  No more of that!
You only pay for the space your items take up and we will manage the buyer’s experience so your items are more likely to sell!

We will be providing ongoing data of what customers are searching for so you can make easier decisions while sourcing.

We will be providing fulfillment services both for online and in person customers who are visiting from another state.

We will do all the marketing and bringing the shoppers to the mall for you.

To get more information or if you are ready to start sending in your cool stuff to sell simply fill out the form below and we will get you all the details!